Academic Students

Academic Students

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Teaching Assistant, Associate Instructor, Graduate Student Researcher

Information Relating to your Position:

  • Readers

    • Pay Frequency:  
      • If you only have a Reader position then you will be paid biweekly. As an hourly employee, you will be paid every other Wednesday if you submit your TRS timesheet on time.

      • If you are a Reader AND a Teaching Assistant, Associate Instructor, or Graduate Student Researcher then you will be paid monthly.

      • For exact pay dates, please refer to the current calendar on

    • Submitting Hours:
      • You will be required to submit a timesheet for your reader position.  To report your hours for this position, you will use the online time reporting system. The online timesheet system “TRS” can be accessed at

      • PAID BIWEEKLY: Timesheets run in 2-week increments and are always due on the last Friday of the bi-weekly pay period. Instructions on how to complete your timesheet and submit can be found on the following website by clicking on “Biweekly-Paid Employees Training”.

      • PAID MONTHLY: Timesheets run in 1-month increments and you will need to project out the hours you will be working for the month. Make sure to submit your timesheet by the 15th of the month. For example, you would submit your October timesheet on or before 10/15. Please note that the timesheet due date you see was created for monthly employees who report their hours in arrears. So please ignore this due date. If you actually work more or less hours than you put on your timesheet, please reach out to your departmental processor. You can find their information here. Let them know and they will return the timesheet to you.  You will then need to make the corrections and resubmit it.

    • Additional Information:
      • This an exempt position. That means you are exempt from earning overtime.
      • There is a possibility that your pay frequency (how often you are paid) will change throughout the year. This depends on if you also hold a Teaching Assistant, Associate Instructor, or Graduate Student Researcher position along with a Reader position.
        • For example: If you have a TA and Reader job during Fall quarter, then you will be a monthly employee. In Winter quarter, you only have the Reader job. Then you will be transitioned to a biweekly employee effective January 1st. Then in Spring quarter, you have a Reader and AI job. Starting April 1st, you will be moved back to being a monthly paid employee.
  • Teaching Assistant, Associate Instructor, & Graduate Student Researcher

    • Pay Frequency:  
    • Additional Information:
      • If you are still receiving your TA, AI, or GSR job salary but you are no longer working in that position, please alert your department ASAP. This means that you have been overpaid and you will be required to pay back the money to the UC Path Center.