List of Services

Human Resources

Recruitment (staff): 

  • Updating and submitting position descriptions 
  • Requisition preparation 
  • Application screening for staff recruitments 
  • Interview questions review and guidance 
  • Interview scheduling for staff recruitments (future state) 
  • Salary analysis and approval (in conjunction with central HR when required) 
  • Preparing offer letters and employment contracts 
  • Appointment extension requests 
  • Submission of onboarding case 

Equities, Reclassifications and Stipends (staff): 

  • Updating position descriptions 
  • Reclassification, stipend and equity salary analysis 
  • Processing salary/TC change actions 
  • Preparing template notification letters for stipends, reclassifications and equity adjustments 

Department Personnel File Management: 

  • Process content addition and deletion requests 
  • Schedule appointments to view personnel file contents 
  • Retrieval and copying personnel file contents as appropriate 
  • DMV Employer Pull Notice Program: 
  • Register new and existing employees in the program 
  • Notify departments of employee driving record incidents reported by DMV 
  • Remove employees from the program 

Client Services: 

  • Benefits eligibility inquiries 
  • Employment status inquiries 
  • Employment documentation  
  • Service Credit audit/inquiries 
  • Leave accrual change/inquires 
  • Probation Period monitoring/inquires 


Scope of Services includes Staff, Academics and Students 


  • New Hire Paperwork processing 
  • Pre-Placement Physical scheduling 
  • DMV Pull Notice registration 
  • Benefits Orientation scheduling 
  • Basic orientation (TAPS, ID card, AYSO,  TRS, required training, FAQs) 
  • Position descriptions and CTO agreements 
  • Background check information and tracking  

Payroll processing and review, including: 

  • Timesheet calculations and processing (paper and electronic, TRS) 
  • Mandatory review of Payroll/Personnel transactions 
  • One time payments  

TRS Departmental Time Administrator (DTA) Services: 

  • Set up and maintain supervisor, schedule and compensatory information 
  • Return timesheets to supervisor 
  • Assist with resolution of inquiries  
  • Escalate TRS technical issues to the TRS Help Desk and facilitate resolution

Payroll/Personnel transaction Processing: 

  • Hires, reclassifications, promotions, transfers, appointment and distribution changes 
  • Funding changes 
  • Additional employment 
  • Visa updates (PPS Entry and I-9 reverification only) 
  • Home department code changes 
  • Employee name changes 

Student employment actions: 

  • Work study funding entry 
  • Student increases (longevity and special recognition) 
  • Appointment extensions 


  • Calculate final hours, TRM, CMP, etc.,  for final check, and process via usual pay method or final check request to Central Payroll, as appropriate 
  • Provide Fidelity and benefits information 
  • Vacate position (staff only) 
  • Notify central HR retirement gift program (if applicable) 
  • Process emeritus rehire (if applicable)  
  • Process transfers to other UC campuses and Health System departments (in PPS)  

Alternate home department code access: 

  • Provide alternate home department code access to UCD Campus and Health System departments requiring PPS access 
  • PPS/OPTRS/DRS access maintenance 
  • Other: 
  • Complete Employment Development Department (EDD) unemployment audits 
  • Vacation accrual code maintenance  
  • Employment Service Credit audits & inquiries 



Client Service: 

  • Coordinate the following type of leaves: Employee’s own serious health condition, Pregnancy Disability, Parental bonding, Family member’s serious health condition, Military leave, Personal leave, Administrative, Furlough’s and Workers’ Compensation leave. 
    • Verify eligibility  
    • Notice employee of rights/responsibilities  
    • Coordinate LWP/LWOP and process payroll 
    • Complete DNOT (if applicable) 
    • Coordinate return to work 
    • Provide leaves counseling via phone, email and in person. 
    • Coordinate with DMS  (Disability Management Services) for industrial and non- industrial leave. 

Catastrophic leave:  

  • Provide catastrophic leave application information (when applicable) 
  • Coordinate approval from central HR 
  • Monitor and track donations/usage 
  • Department Personnel Leave File Management: 
  • Manage all documents for employees’ file. 


  • Coordinate with the department to ensure the employees are not paid during an employee’s furlough. 
  • Provide Central Benefits office and (E&LR) Employee and Labor Relations with appropriate forms during furlough. 
  • Checking for suspended benefit premiums (IDED) 
  • Workers’ Compensation: 
  • Coordinate with Workers’ Compensation office in regards to all industrial leaves for employees that are not accommodated or off duty due to industrial injury. 
  • Adjust leave as instructed by Workers’ Compensation during the leave. 

Medical Separation: 

  • Complete Medical Separation form questions as requested by (DMS) Disability Management Services and coordinate with department and employee.  


Customer Service 

Inquiry support: 

  • Provide primary support via phone, email, and AggieService to internal and external clients  

“Report a Problem” analysis & resolution: 

  • Research reported problems to determine root cause and resolution 
  • AUSS-C Website maintenance 
  • AggieService support: 
  • Provide training support to clients 
  • Troubleshoot client issues within the system 
  • Provide user enhancement feedback to advisory board