Academic Unit Shared Services Channel (AUSS-C) Board – Bylaws

The goal and purpose of the AUSS-C is to provide excellent payroll, personnel, and HR support to its membership. The following are bylaws that each member agrees to follow for the duration of membership in AUSS-C.

  1. The AUSS-C Board will consist of one representative from each member college, school, and Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA). The expectation is that the representative will be a senior administrator from the member group, e.g., Assistant Dean or Chief Operating Officer. The designated representative shall aim to attend in person or via phone/web interface, but may send a delegate if necessary.
  2. The AUSS-C Board will meet quarterly. Board members and co-Directors of AUSS-C will be regular attendees at Board meetings. Guests are permitted when included on the agenda.
  3. The AUSS-C Board will elect a chair and a co-chair for a two-year term beginning July 1 in year 1 and ending June 30 in year 2. The roles and responsibilities of the Board chair include: solicit agenda items and identify issues for discussion and voting at the quarterly board meetings; serve as a representative of AUSS-C on campus committees; serves as a voting member of the Board. The roles and responsibilities of the co-chair include: serving as back-up for the chair in all responsibilities. The chair and co-chair shall represent a professional school and college. Both cannot represent professional schools or colleges. ICA will be considered to represent a college given its undergraduate focus. 
  4. Decisions are made by a majority vote of the Board members. An AUSS-C Board meeting will have a sufficient quorum if five out of eight members are present. Delegates are permitted to vote as necessary. A member can request to delay a vote if they believe insufficient information has been presented. The chair and co-chair will determine if a vote may take place outside of a regularly scheduled meeting via email. In the event of a tie, the chair and co-chair will select a representative from a college (including ICA) and school to confer and make the determination with the overall best interest of AUSS-C membership in mind. If the two representatives cannot reach agreement, the decision will be made based on a coin flip. 
  5. Membership costs will be reviewed annually in October. Any proposed rate increases will be discussed and decided upon by the Board. New member  proposals will be reviewed and approved by the Board.  Significant financial decisions of greater than $10,000 will be reviewed and approved by the Board. An annual financial report will be reviewed by the Board every September and discussed in a closed session (Board Members only) if necessary. 
  6. The College of Letters and Science will provide IT support to AUSS-C for a fee described in the membership cost document. The School of Veterinary Medicine will provide financial and personnel support to AUSS-C. The College of Engineering will provide website support for AUSS-C. Operational decisions are delegated to the two co-Directors of AUSS-C. The two co-Directors report to the Executive Assistant Dean of the School of Veterinary Medicine. Feedback and comments on co-Director performance will be solicited by the Board Chair in a closed session (Board Members only) portion of a Board meeting.
  7.  Any changes to the organizational structure and leadership of AUSS-C will be reviewed and approved by the Board. The Bylaws will be reviewed on an annual basis. Any proposed changes will be subject to a vote by the Board.

Date of AUSS-C Board Bylaws approval: January 11, 2019