NEW BX Appointment Notification Letter and REQUIRED Membership Election Form

Due to this latest update (see email below) since the graduate advisors are already handling the notification letters which NOW require the student to initial that they have received the union membership election form, it no longer makes sense for AUSS-C to complete this form as part of our onboarding process.  Effective immediately, we are turning this process back over to the departments. Once completed, the completed forms need to be sent to Amy Moore in central Human Resources. 

We will continue to handle the PX union forms upon onboarding as we are currently doing.    

Announcement from Graduate Studies bellow. 

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Subject: NEW BX Appointment Notification Letter and REQUIRED Membership Election Form 

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Dear Colleagues: 
In accordance with the contractual agreement between the International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America (UAW) and the University of California, attached you will find the revised Appointment Notification and Supplemental Documentation required by Article 2 of the Academic Student Employee (ASE) contract. (August 2018-June 2022)  
As a reminder to all departments responsible for hiring of Academic Student Employees (TA, AI, Reader & Tutor), an Appointment Notification must be issued to all individuals offered an ASE 
appointment.   The attached letter contains agreed upon language between the university and the UAW and highlights may benefits and resources available to the student employees.    
In addition, the new contract requires the university provide the UAW Membership Election Form 
(MEF) at the time a new employee hires into the bargaining unit.  All ASEs must initial their appointment notification letter acknowledging receipt of the UAW MEF.   ASEs may return the MEF directly to the union.  If the completed form is received by the university, the university will forward all original signed forms to the UAW within 10 business days of receipt of the completed form.   Please forward all completed MEF forms to the campus Employee & Labor Relations office. 
Please begin using the revised letter for future appointments; do not reissue new appointment notifications for those previously sent.  The Appointment Notification, Supplemental Documentation, Membership Election Form and many valuable resources are available through the Graduate Studies website
Should you have any questions regarding the revised appointment notification and supplemental documentation, please contact Tracey Pereida, Graduate Studies,, 530-754-6447. 
Tracey Pereida 
Academic Personnel