Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I contact a live person for help?
  • Payroll and HR Staff Directory
  • What forms do I need for new hires?
  • Personal Data Form for new hires
  • How do I change my address and other personal information?
  • At Your Service Online or contact your Payroll and HR Specialist.
  • Where should I go for questions regarding my benefits?
  • At Your Service Online, contact your Payroll and HR Specialist or UCD Campus Benefits at (530) 752-1774.
  • Who should I contact to request medical leave?
  • Contact your home department or your Payroll and HR Specialist.
  • When are the paydays?
  • Monthly employees are paid on the 1st of every month unless the 1st falls on a weekend, then payday will be the Friday before. Hourly students are paid every other Wednesday.
  • Where do I pick up my paycheck?
  • From your home department.
  • How do I process a funding change?
  • Funding Change Process (PDF)
    The Shared Services Unit asks that you follow these guidelines when processing funding changes, primarily because the appointments and distributions in PPS interface with the online timesheet system and any changes to the accounting information greatly impacts how payroll is calculated.Do not make changes to or create new appointments (i.e. extend appointments, change percentages, etc.). Changes are limited to account information on the distribution lines.
    1.  Do not delete a distribution line unless absolutely necessary (typically to make room on that particular appointment). If there are not enough distribution lines available and an additional appointment is required, contact COE HR asap.
    2.  All Funding Changes need to be done no later the MOA for Monthly and the B1A or B2A for the Bi-Weekly computes to ensure no blocked transactions.
    3.  COE HR/Shared Services must be notified immediately when a funding change on an appointment with 2 or more distribution lines has been made as it affects how an employee has been set-up in the Online Timesheet System.
    4.  Retroactive funding changes are the responsibility of the department and are to be processed in Kuali (effective 7/13/11), unless there is a change to the object code, title code and work study. If an EDLR is necessary, the SSU will create a 644-D.
    5.  If a funding change requires a new appointment it must be processed through Shared Services.
  • What forms do I need for new hires?
  • Personal Data Form 
         Non-covered employees
         Covered employees
    Demographic Data Form
    Oath & Patent
    I-9 (download with Adobe Acrobat)
    Direct Deposit
          US Citizens & Residents


  • Campus GSR Compensation Plans